Accounting – about itself, in a few words. Bookkeeping is a very important element of accounting which consists in recording all changes in the company’s assets. Each activity performed in the company related to costs must be posted. Is it a salary for employees, the purchase of new equipment, an investment, a loan. Everything always has to be right down to the penny. And if it doesn’t, then there has been a mistake somewhere and needs to be corrected. Business assets can be divided into two parts, assets and liabilities. Assets are property resources controlled by an entity and have a specific, real, reliable value. Assets can be in cash, in real or legal form.

The second part is liabilities, i.e. the company’s capital or funds. In accounting, one thing is very important that every accountant needs to know: assets = liabilities.If we do not agree with the final result, we had to calculate or rewrite it somewhere. This is the so-called balance sheet. Of course, the accounting process has many aspects, but to tell you the truth, they are not that difficult to understand. I think that if someone felt like it, he could learn it without any problems! However, we must remember that every accountant must be very accurate, because it is really easy to make a mistake, so people who can focus and are self-controlled are welcome in this position.

All documents are evidence of what happened in the company, which is why it is so important to settle them in detail. You have to write down every product sold to the piece, because then all taxes are settled on everything, and probably no country likes to be cheated in this respect. It is also known that all settlements, as well as employee salaries, play a very important role, in that it is known whether we have already settled with the employee, whether it is the salary, what he bought for the company, or how much is indebted for a variety of reasons. Everything must be accurately described for our final result to be correct. Yes, I am talking about errors, but it happens that sometimes you can get or issue an incorrect invoice, what then? Then you have to correct it as soon as possible, otherwise two companies may lose. Moreover,it may cause our final result to be inconsistent, or the number of items in stock.

Each smaller or larger company must have documented all its expenses, credits, income. In the smallest companies, people are able to deal with it on their own, so they learn the basics of accounting, it is not problematic when the company does not carry out many activities, there are not many papers. Then one person can calmly check everything several times. It is worse in larger companies, where the person has his hands full. Then a very important person is Chief Accountant.

This position is for a person who has a degree in accountancy, whether it be studies, part-time school, or course, it is important that he has proof that he or she has studied in this field. Another important thing is the length of time a person has already practiced in the profession. It is known, the longer the experience is greater. Another, and probably the most important issue is whether the person performed well in their position before, whether they performed their work conscientiously and accurately. These are the requirements for such a position, but it is much more demanding. Being an ordinary accountant, a small mistake may go on because it has to be corrected by the person above you, i.e. the chief accountant. However, do not think that you will get away with everything from a position below, you must try to be precise in what you are doing and not create extra work for the person, which has to check far more than normal accountants.

Accounting is a very responsible and mentally tiring job. You are responsible for documents in the company. Of course, now this job is much easier thanks to computers. It is thanks to them that we can improve in a much easier way, if something did not work out and there should be no problem for this reason. In addition, we also have calculators that allow us to quickly and accurately check the results, and if something is wrong, we can count again in a minute. If the second time we are sure that we have calculated everything correctly and the result is still not correct, then we save a lot of time for the calculations themselves and we can spend it on corrections. Computers also allow us to much faster access to invoices, they are then in one file and we can find them by company name and date, with paper,it took much more time. Of course, there are many different accounting support programs that definitely make their work easier. In these times, accounting is nothing scary anymore, and you can earn good money thanks to such work, first of all, it is enough to have the will and motivation to learn it, then you can find jobs everywhere, be it in a bank or in a company. If we do not feel confident in our strength, we can start as an assistant, after such practice we will be more welcomed in other, larger companies, where the remuneration for such work is higher.