Budowa domów: Co warto wiedzieć, zanim przystąpi się do działania?
Building houses: what should you know before you act?Building houses is an extremely extensive topic. This field of knowledge is quite complicated because it is entirely a multi-stage process. The most important thing is that all activities are preceded by precise preparations. The more professionally a project is planned, the more likely it is that the construction of the house will not cause many unnecessary worries and unpleasant surprises.

What should you know before starting the work? How to find a good construction manager? How to properly organize a construction site? What should you know about the economic and commissioned system? The above questions are only some of the worries of today’s investors. Adequate knowledge of the construction industry is essential. Thanks to it, you can avoid many problems and difficulties.

Where does the construction of houses begin ?

Many people believe that a venture like building a house starts with the purchase of a real estate project. This is a fundamental mistake. The first thing you need to do is buy a building plot. It is worth knowing that before a decision on a specific choice is made, it is necessary to study the legal situation of a given land. You should also know the property status and options for connecting the utilities. It is necessary to ask about their approximate prices, because sometimes there are situations in which the cost of building the plot is higher than its purchase.

Another important step is to start analyzing the spatial development plans. It is this stage that forms the basis for determining the shape and other features of the property to be erected in a given area. It is worth knowing that the zoning design only applies to very general guidelines. Nevertheless, it can impose a lot of restrictions on the builder. Most often they relate to the type of tile, the shape of the building, and the maximum number of floors.

Only after these two stages can you proceed to choosing a house project. Its purchase will be the basis for all subsequent formalities. You can choose from ready-made catalog options or try to hire an architect and create an individual project.
The construction of single-family houses offers a wide range of possibilities. When creating a project, it is worth paying attention to issues such as the shape of the roof and the volume of the house. Remember that the more complex the design, the higher the cost of its construction.

Construction work system – What is worth knowing about it?

Building houses is a complicated process that requires the investor to take care of many things. One of them is the decision regarding the choice of the construction system. There are then two options:

      1. the economic system which determines the investor’s participation in the construction. It imposes on him an obligation to perform simple construction works, as well as to take care of the purchase of the necessary materials and employment of specialized professionals. Such a system of construction works allows you to feel the real benefits of its involvement.
      2. commissioned system, i.e. providing for the need to sign an appropriate contract with a construction company. On its basis, she is obliged to complete all stages of building the house . Then, the only obligation of the investor is to pay its remuneration on a predetermined date.

Selection of a site manager – Practical information

Building houses always needs a manager. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. A construction manager is a person who is an experienced specialist in his profession. He should have all the permissions necessary in this industry. Its presence at the construction site lasts from the moment the foundations are poured until the building is handed over to the owner.

The most important tasks of a manager are:

      • taking care of the safety of construction works;
      • ensuring the quality of their execution and compliance with the design of the wooden house ;
      • consultations with an architect;
      • arranging the delivery of materials.

When choosing a construction manager, it is worth considering at least a few offers. For this purpose, you can use the available database of reputable contractors.

Investor’s participation in construction

The investor’s task is primarily to lend his portfolio to contractors. The construction manager he employs should ensure that all construction works are properly performed. However, it is important to remember that it is very important to look after your own interests. Contracts should be signed with each employee. Everything has to be on paper, because verbal assurances have legal force, but any possible assertion of rights becomes very difficult. Without a signed contract, the investor extends the path of applying for compensation if the contractors make a significant number of errors.

Moreover, these contracts also contain information on the date of commencement and completion of construction works. Such an obligation gives the investor the right to recover his receivable in the event of a major delay.

Remember that even if we decide on a commissioned house construction system and rent a construction company, we still have to take care of our own safety.