Zakup mieszkania od dewelopera - najważniejsze porady i wskazówki, o których zawsze należy pamiętać
Buying an apartment from a developer – the most important tips and tricks that you should always rememberMany young people dream of owning an apartment. Often times, the purchase of your “M” is associated with taking out a huge loan for several dozen years. For this reason, the decision to buy an apartment from a developer must be made in a very reasonable and responsible manner. If we remember the tips carefully described in this article, we will be able to buy an apartment from the developer without any complications. Here are the most important tips not to forget when looking for your four corners among developer proposals. 

A flat from a developer – is it worth buying?

Before we start looking for a flat from the developer, we should carefully consider what our budget is, what kind of apartments we can afford, and what we need to let go of. You must always remember that the price of an apartment from the developer does not include all the costs that must be borne when buying an apartment. It is worth knowing about it, so as not to be afraid later that you still have to spend so much money.

Once we have obtained a bank loan or financing from another source and we already have detailed knowledge of our current financial possibilities, you can start browsing offers from individual development companies. It is best to use the internet for this. The vast majority of developers nowadays publish their proposals primarily on the Internet. Each investment worthy of our interest will certainly be described on the Internet, so we can find our future new apartment without leaving home. A good solution is also going to a real estate fair. There, in one place, you can find out more about individual development companies and talk with their representatives who present their offers. This way, finding the best developer,who sells us an attractive apartment will be much easier.

How to check if a developer is honest?

Recently, a lot has been heard about dishonest developers who took advances from their clients amounting to tens of thousands of zlotys, and then they were not heard of. The issues of safety and good developer choice are the most important for many people. You have to be 100% sure that a given developer is worthy of our trust and can be entrusted with money.

Once we have reviewed all the developers’ offers in the vicinity, we will have a few left after the initial selection. They will more or less meet our requirements. When viewing individual investments, you should pay special attention to who is its developer. The fact sheet, which is required of all sellers, can be very helpful. In this document, you can find out a lot of detailed information about the developer’s experience and whether a given investment has all the necessary permits.

The waiting time for the apartment to be put into use is also extremely important for each client. It is best when a given building is ready for use or the works are well advanced. Those who decide to buy the so-called “hole in the ground” have the greatest risk. Many people regretted giving their money to the developer because the “bush company” had cheated them.

Before choosing a specific development company, you should also verify the type of escrow account proposed by the seller. An escrow account is a separate account to which advances from buyers are transferred. All experts emphasize that the best and safest solution is to choose a developer that offers a closed escrow account. In such circumstances, there is no risk that the seller will reach for the money paid by the residents to finance the construction of the apartments.

Check the area and the planned investment

At present, the vast majority of new housing investments are built on the outskirts of large cities. The areas closer to the center are usually already occupied, and expensive apartments are being built in the most prestigious locations. For this reason, the location itself and its surroundings should be carefully examined. It is also worth verifying the travel time to work or school by car and by public transport. This should be checked at different times of the day. Local infrastructure is also to be verified – roads, pavements, the nearest shops or service points.

The apartment is a purchase for many years. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to verify at the beginning how the neighborhood of your dream premises will look in the future. A developer who sells an apartment is obliged, in accordance with Polish law, to present in the information prospectus a number of the most important assumptions regarding planned investments within a kilometer radius. We are talking here about roads, railway tracks and any other facilities that affect the quality of life.