Catering dla firm

Catering for companies is becoming more and more popular nowadays, when people spend almost half of their lives at work, so they have to eat there as well. If we are the owner of a company, it is worth thinking about catering for our employees not so much at our expense, but to facilitate the matter so that everyone does not have to run for food separately. And also because with more people the catering will be cost-effective.

You can choose only dinner catering, you can also choose the all-day option, which is the most profitable option. It depends on the preferences and choice of employees, but it is a great convenience both in terms of saving time and money. You can see often being in large corporations, that people do not have time to eat and eat just enough to satisfy their hunger and therefore neither eat healthy nor it is not beneficial for their wallets because the prices in bars are not cheap, each subsequent snack is an extra money. On a monthly basis, it may turn out that we spend as much as PLN 50 a day on food, and PLN 1,500 per person per month.

Catering for companies can be chosen not only on a daily basis, but also when the company organizes some banquets or integration meetings, it is a very convenient solution, because in addition to warm food at the party, you can also choose the option of decorating the room and setting up the tableware. It would seem that it is a high cost, but contrary to appearances, when we divide it into, for example:A group of 100 people will cost a maximum of PLN 30 per person, which is not a big expense and is affordable for every pocket. If we decided to prepare meals ourselves, it would probably be time-consuming, maybe less expensive, but it would not give employees the freedom to enjoy the charms of an after-work meeting. Another aspect when renting catering for companies is that we can automatically order a person who will handle the entire event and clean it up after it, it is a very good solution because it is difficult to imagine cleaning workers after an all-night party.

If we decide to order lunches or full-day sets for employees, it is worth knowing that catering can be ordered for a specific time and asked to be delivered warm to the place so that employees can eat it immediately.The obstacle may arise only when the company has several dozen or several hundred employees, then it will be a problem to accommodate all of them at the same time in the canteen, so in the event of such a variant, it is worth agreeing with the company to deliver lunches in installments. Another puzzling thing is what meals for employees to choose, it should contain a large amount of nutrients, so that the employees’ body will function properly and will be more efficient. A difficult variant to solve may be that each employee has different taste preferences, but also may have different food intolerances or vegan or vegetarian diets. Fortunately, nowadays it is not a problem at all because catering companies are geared to these types of needs. Another extremely important aspect is that what to consider when choosing a particular catering. In larger cities you can find a lot of companies that will prepare meals for companies, but in smaller cities this offer is also expanding.

When it comes to the choice of catering for companies, it is worth following: the variety of meals, whether the company is able to provide us with varied and nutritious meals, secondly, whether the menu is adapted to people who are vegetarians or vegans or for those who do not tolerate some products, thirdly, you need to check whether meals are made of fresh and high-quality products, because we do not want food poisoning of employees, setting a favorable price for the company, so that meals are affordable for every budget. If it turns out that the owner of the company turns out to be so generous and will provide meals for all employees, he has to take into account that he will have to pay tax on these meals, it will depend on the number of people working in the company.

When it comes to ensuring the convenience of eating meals by employees, you can use the so-called: buffet, which will allow everyone to eat a certain amount of food. To make it even easier for employees to eat meals at work, it is worth considering a special place for these purposes, not necessarily a canteen, it may be a room where you can prepare drinks for your meal, with a microwave, fridge and a sink . This will allow you to feast together at the table, because let’s face it, staff canteens are usually small and are not able to accommodate all employees at once, and such a separate place with a comfortable place to sit will be very comfortable and will contribute to a positive atmosphere in the company, thanks to which everyone will be satisfied both by the owner of the company and its employees. There are only benefits to corporate catering, it is a good value for money.