Komputery stacjonarne – bez nich ani rusz

Desktop computers – you can’t go without them. Desktop computers are now in every home. We cannot imagine our life without them. We play games on them, use them to buy various things, and contact people. They are the main source from which we get information. They are slowly replacing televisions, newspapers and other media. Nowadays If we want to count, we have to appear on the Internet. We also use desktop computers for work. Currently, it is impossible to imagine withdrawals without accounting software. We select various parts for computers, we take care of them, maintain them and service them.

Desktop computers have revolutionized the world. However, this means that they are easy to break into. There are a great many viruses and Trojans nowadays because whoever controls someone’s desktop rules his life. This can be easily determined, for example, after the e-mail scandal,which shocked the US election – sensitive information can make one of the parties, which was the favorite so far, begin to lose. Even the youngest use the computer, so scientists are alarming that children spend too much time in front of the screen. On the other hand, they are not surprised, young people are very receptive when it comes to new technologies. We cannot, of course, allow them to take over their lives.

A computer for the player

If we are looking for a good gaming computer, we should pay attention to whether it has the right processor and graphics card. The advantage of desktops over laptops is that we can replace different parts in them. If a disk breaks down, we can – for example – replace it. It is not that simple with mobile computers. Even smartphones have taken over the functions of computers. Our life is now happening on the computer screen. We spend millions of zlotys on games, and our Witcher immediately conquered the Western market. The creators of The Witcher was the former Optimus, now CD Projekt. It was from Optimus that we took our first desktops.

Computer – our window to the world

Today, every home must have a desktop computer. If someone does not have one, they are considered to be closing their window to the world. Children who do not have computers at home come to day-rooms and libraries where these devices are located. Even at school, one of the subjects is IT, that is, learning about the operation and use of a computer. This approach is, of course, a simplification, but for the purposes of the text, this is how we will treat it. It is impossible to imagine what would happen if one day we woke up without computers. Banks would cease to operate, we would not receive payments on time, shops would be late with orders, in a word, chaos would ensue.

This is evidenced by the fact that the e-prescription service has recently been introduced. Hospitals would not function without desktop computers,we would probably have a problem with calling an ambulance, the work of the Police would be difficult. This is because a lot of the police files are now in the information system. This means they can be easily vulnerable to attacks. So computers are our strength and weakness at the same time. We entrust a lot to artificial intelligence. Even now, when I write this, I use my desktop computer, I put some trust in the dictionary, I save the file. If I had to do it manually, it would take me much longer. It also means that the ability to write clearly is a bit degraded. We used to have calligraphy in the old days, today all we need to do is set the Times New Roman font and we have beautiful printed text that resembles a page from a book.

not subscribe to social media at all and even avoid using e-mail if possible. But today hardly anyone uses normal mail. What was largely replaced by SMS, and later Facebook Messenger. Few people already send letters, mainly bailiffs, schools and offices. We rarely receive Christmas cards – all you need to do is search for graphics on the Internet and it’s ready.

Still, desktops are very useful. We should always make sure that there is at least one in our home. In this way, we have constant access to information and we are up to date with everything. We just have to remember to service the equipment conscientiously. We cannot allow dust to be inside the case. Compressed air can be purchased at any store, then the computer should be unscrewed and the gray mass should be blown out of it. We’ll need a vacuum cleaner for this later, because we’ll make a lot of mess. Moreover, we should not download files from suspicious places. In this way, we can lead to a system failure, and this can have a terrible impact on the condition of our entire computer. It can also damage parts.That is why we should always outsource repairs to licensed services and use the computer wisely, not allowing strangers to access it.