Jak zbudować własną markę na Instagramie?

How to build your own brand on instagram? Next to Facebook, Instagram occupies one of the first places when it comes to social networks. Some have private accounts there, others have business accounts. Some people use it to communicate with friends, to share photos, videos or reports. However, a very large percentage of people treat this website purely for business, opting for a free form of advertising on the Internet, which if conducted well can ensure and guarantee full effectiveness.

Today marketing on Instagram is a great opportunity to reach a wide audience. It’s about promoting your brand and letting others know it more. After all, it is developing a business without the financial contribution we have to allocate to other forms of advertising. In the case of Instagram, promoting the brand is the best solution we can choose to achieve the intended goal. The better we do it, the better the results will be.

First of all – why is it worth betting on Instagram marketing?

There are many reasons why you should choose Instagram to promote your own brand. Thanks to it, we can achieve organic reach more easily. It guarantees 100% of possibilities, and compared to Facebook it is only 3%. Thanks to it, we can increase the visibility of our brand much faster. Compared to other social networks, Instagram focuses primarily on graphics, and in the case of effective social media it is extremely important.

Second – we are starting to build a brand

We have our own company. We are beginner entrepreneurs with a small group of recipients. We want to do something to make it more known and that we can reach people who could potentially be our clients. When choosing Instagram marketing, you should act step by step to achieve the intended goal. We must first of all have our own account there. Ideally, its name should refer to the brand, company or something related to it.

At the beginning, it is worth following the competition profiles. Check how they manage the account, what they focus on, how they reach their recipients. Thanks to this, we ourselves, as beginners in this topic, will be able to gain basic knowledge on how to act so that Instagram will allow us to spread our wings and focus on the full development of our company on the market. So how do you find your competition? In the Google search engine, we enter the word Instagram and the name of the company with which we compete in a given industry. In this way, we will gain access to their profile, which we can fully see, track and extract important and relevant information from it. The more pages we follow, the more knowledge we get in this regard.

We focus primarily on hashtags, because they play a significant and key role here. Thanks to them, we can reach the target audience. Hashtags should be well thought out, crucial for us, those related to the industry, our company, but also those that are easy and which are often used. People find our posts through hashtags, because that’s how Instagram marketing works .For this portal, we can add 30 hashtags to each post. The more of them and the more they hit, the greater the chance of reaching people who may be interested in our offer. When looking for hashtags, it is worth checking how many posts there are, what interactions they generate, who is active and whether there are potential customers under a given hashtag. Hashtags can be divided into two groups. One is general for business, with classic keywords like company, agency, social media, online store, online shopping, and so on. The second includes hashtags that are directly related to the post we share. So we refer to the inserted graphics or movie.

We go further to the content. Of course, you should focus on eye-catching photos, the ones over which the viewer will want to stop a bit longer and delve into the content that we will place under the photo. Certainly, marketing on Instagram in the case of posts at the beginning causes many problems and takes a lot of time, but in the near future it becomes much easier. Good tools to help you create content include Canva.com, Instaquote, Videohance, Over, Recite, among others.

An important role is also played by publishing our entries. It cannot be done too, but also not too rarely. The best solution is to publish entries once a day, so as to be an active user and to give a little bit of yourself every day, so that the recipients get to know our brand more each day. Being active is essential to finding and reaching customers.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much for Instagram marketing to let us develop and focus on working on our brand. It is worth spending a little time on this, because social media is the best we can choose today, in the 21st century, in the age of the Internet, to get what we want.