Projektowanie wnętrz dla ich spójności
Interior design for their consistency. People who decide to take such action must be aware that it is not only about the beautiful finish of the apartment, but also about its consistency, harmony, good aura, and good organization of all its elements. Regardless of the style of furnishing the apartment, the colors according to which we did it, the well-being of people staying in it should be a priority. How can this be achieved?

Each element, each decoration, each piece of furniture, as well as the color of the walls or floor, should be selected in such a way that they match each other, and are not a contrast to each other. Even small gadgets set up at the end, because they are also taken into account by interior design, affect the overall character of the room, they affect the end result.

First, we should choose our colors carefully. It is not only about the right choice of colors in a given room, but also in the entire apartment. We are unlikely to have a pleasant impression if we walk across the rainbow when walking from one room to another, and then to the kitchen, bathroom and dining room.

This consistency applies not only to colors, but also to the materials present in our arranged apartment. You can combine different types of materials and fabrics, but remember to consistently use only one connection, without creating chaos by using different connections in many rooms.

The same also applies to the patterns and shapes used. We do not exaggerate with their intensity and diversity. It should also be mentioned here not to introduce huge shapes into rooms that do not sin with large areas. And if we decide, for example, on patterned wallpaper, remember to combine it with a uniform and smooth color of the walls. Let’s not lose heart. Let us not be driven by exaggeration – if most of the elements of our room will be exemplary cacti, then as long as they will be a motif on the curtain, there is nothing wrong with it, but if, apart from the curtain, they will also be on the wallpaper, tablecloth, carpet and as figures on the shelves – dizziness is guaranteed.

Interior design is not only a nice finish in terms of appearance. It is also adapting them to use, to the individual needs of people living in them. What’s more – let’s adapt them to the environment in which it is located. Even if our dream apartment is colorful and intense, it is not completely invisible from the outside. Let’s admit that the aura spread around the view of the old retro tenement house will be spoiled by the glowing colors visible from the windows of one of the apartments.

Another condition for interior design is to adapt them to users in terms of both functionality and preferences. A married couple with a group of children living in an apartment will not be satisfied with the light walls or floors, which will be constantly stained by the mischief and games of their offspring. Thus, a lonely old man will not be satisfied with a place where there is no place for him to rest.

When choosing the type of flooring, we should like the rule that not necessarily the more the better. Consistency in this regard extends not only to color, but also to shape, size and material. Current trends and principles of practicality also say that there are no visible joints and slats between the floors of individual rooms, cutting off only the toilet or bathroom. Even if the floors are made of different materials, they should be kept in the same, similar or harmonious colors. If, on the other hand, we like the different colors of the floor, let’s be at least consistent with the type of material from which they are made. The situation is worse when we cannot design the interior from scratch and when we rent a flat, we do not get permission from the owner to change the floors, which are not uniform.In this case, let’s try to have common elements – the same moldings against the walls, the same rugs, or the like.

Interior design including walls creates a temptation for us to arrange them in various ways, due to the colossal possibilities presented to us by interior catalogs. And here, the room for maneuver is wide, the permission to use various wall finishing techniques as well, but on the condition that we use the same tactic in every room.

When buying furniture for an apartment, also remember about balance – do not mix styles. If we put a wall unit in a Scandinavian, bright style in the kitchen, we should not put an antique mahogany chest of drawers in the living room. The only exception to the rule will be a children’s room, in which it is obvious that we will not put dark-colored wooden furniture, since this is what we have in the rest of the rooms.

Let’s also not forget about the special role and importance of accessories, because sometimes we can spoil the whole effect of our efforts with improperly selected gadgets, at first glance designer, but in combination with the rest, creating a kitschy interior.