Nieruchomości na sprzedaż w japońskim stylu. Na czym polega ich fenomen?
Japanese-style real estate for sale. What is their phenomenon? Poles are increasingly interested in exotic interior designs of real estate for sale. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese style that has gained immense popularity in recent years. All this because consumers have finally started to notice the lack of the need for a perfect finish and impeccability in every room. It began to be noticed that harmony could very well result from the use of objects which are seemingly far from being perfect.

Sometimes the use of something damaged or slightly worn can make a great effect, usually much more interesting than that caused by new-smelling furniture. Wabi Sabi has been reigning in the homes and apartments of Poles for some time. What is the phenomenon of this sloppy style with a Japanese passport?

What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi Sabi is one of the philosophy followed by the people of Japan. Its individual elements are used in interior design. The main assumptions of this style are simplicity, naturalness and the use of clumsy objects. It would be hard not to notice that Wabi Sabi also focuses on the lack of perfection in what fills a given space. Therefore, it can include furniture with a clear defect and unevenness in the finish on the walls.

The main inspiration for the Japanese style is broadly understood minimalism. In its assumptions, there is also a strong focus on the inhabitants themselves and their comfort, and not on the objects around them. As a result, the interior that is the essence of Wabi Sabi is free from all forms of glamor. Properties for sale finished in this way are very popular and easily win the sympathy of potential buyers.

In rooms in line with the assumptions of the Wabi Sabi style, we will not find marble, gold or furniture on lion legs. We will not feel in them as in an exclusive hotel. We can only count on uncomplicated forms and very modest designs. This trend calls for the apartment to be finished in a way that suits its owners, not the fashion imposed by famous designers.

Properties for sale: Subdued colors

The philosophy of Wabi Sabi is largely natural. Therefore, it is easy to guess that in the interiors consistent with its assumptions, subdued colors should prevail. Usually these colors are supposed to resemble earth. This Japanese style is dominated by subdued browns, delicate beige, white and all possible shades of gray.

The point is that the apartment should resemble a natural landscape as much as possible and at the same time create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, the interiors in line with Wabi Sabi are not too flashy. We will not find intense yellow, green or purple in them.

Consumers agree that properties for sale, whose interiors are the essence of Wabi Sabi, are very cozy and the atmosphere in them is conducive to relaxation. These are very important criteria in a world where people are bombarded with information, responsibilities, advertisements and offers.

Lack of perfection and rough finishes

Properties for sale are more and more faithful to minimalism. In the past, great importance was attached to the fact that the interiors were perfect, today it is not so important. Wabi Sabi is a trend that stands in opposition to the constant pursuit of the ideal. This style shows that the lack of perfection can be as beautiful as the maximum refinement of the interior. It also proves that even seemingly ugly things can be arranged to look very attractive. Wabi Sabi shows that the traces of use of objects give them a unique character. A defect does not always have to be a reason to try to hide it. On the contrary – in many cases it is worth displaying it.

The described style is a perfect proposition for lovers of natural additives and raw materials. It is dominated by wood, bricks, concrete and other raw materials. Many of them are clearly affected by the passage of time. The goal of Wabi Sabi is to achieve maximum harmony in a given space.

How to use old things?

Most of the properties for sale  , the interiors of which are finished and so requires input from the new owners. If they want their apartment to be the quintessence of Wabi Sabi, they can try to use old items in its arrangement. Do not be afraid of joining together wood and stones or use concrete as part of the wall finishing. You can rediscover the value of earthenware, even broken ones.

It is also worth focusing on choosing the right textiles. Natural materials such as cotton are very popular in this style. Carpets and runners affected by the tooth of time will also look great in rooms compatible with Wabi Sabi. The whole can be complemented by soft pillows and hand-made blankets in natural colors. In a word – the apartment should be exactly as its owner wants. You don’t have to try to keep up with the current fashion.