Marketing na Instagramie: Jak zwiększyć liczbę followersów?
Marketing on Instagram: how to increase the number of followers? Marketing on Instagram is one of the most important issues related to the promotion of your own business or brand. By being active on social media, you can achieve great success quickly. The fact that being popular is closely related to the number of people who follow you seems obvious. Unfortunately, it is less clear how to get Instagram followers. Obtaining followers is not a simple task. This often requires the implementation of numerous marketing techniques to increase the reach of the profile and the people following it. Instagram is increasingly being used for business purposes. Consumers are eager to browse the news appearing in the newsfeed. This is good news for entrepreneurs who want to quickly sneak into the consciousness of society.Every year there are more and more brands that owe their marketing success largely to running an Instagram profile.

Is regular posting of photos enough?

Marketing on Instagram is more than just sharing your content regularly on this social network. To understand the essence of this portal, it is necessary to explain what exactly it is. Well, Instagram is an application designed to be used on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). IOS, Android and Windows users can freely use it. There are practices that allow the application to be operated using desktops or laptops, but they are not in line with the assumptions of its creators. Instagram allows you to easily upload the content published on it to other profiles on such websites. Many people appreciate this option.

Getting new followers on Instagram is all about standing out from other profiles. For this, it is worth trying to go beyond the usual limits of ordinary interactions. In order for others to follow a given account, it must be interesting and inspiring, and its owner should demonstrate the ability to engage in dialogue with his fans. In practice, it is worth responding to user comments and contributing to their accounts. The published statements should be true and should be realistic about the topic of the post. In a word – it is not enough to constantly abuse all emoticons. Marketing on Instagram also assumes that it’s good to follow other interesting users. In this way, we allow others to get to know their own taste, which is an important element when reaching a target group.

New followers and the organization of competitions

Expanding the audience may turn out to be much easier if its owner decides to organize competitions. Instagram app users appreciate similar gestures and are eager to engage in similar endeavors. It’s also worth knowing that effective Instagram marketing is one by which an entrepreneur promotes his products or services. Therefore, if the account owner uses them in the form of competition prizes, it involuntarily begins to penetrate the consciousness of others. Remember that every person taking part in the competition will be required to share the organizer’s account in their report or newsfeed, and most winners tend to share their gains with others, which ensures greater publicity.

Hashtags as a key to success

New followers will emerge if the profile owner regularly adds interesting content, engages in discussions with commenters, participates in other accounts, and places great emphasis on the hashtags he uses, which allow you to significantly increase the reach of shared photos. The best solution is to use the most popular tags. However, it must not be forgotten that hashtags must describe the photo. This means that you can tag an iPad photo with #apple or #tablet, but you shouldn’t use words like #girl or #dinner. The actions of people not complying with this recommendation may be limited or even completely blocked by the application.

However, that’s not the only reason why you should use hashtags correctly.”Artificially” hooking up to certain keywords is negatively perceived by the Instagram community, and its effect is opposite to the desired one.Marketing on Instagram cannot be intrusive. It is best when promoting your own business is as natural and subtle as possible. Followers should think that the account owner mentions their products “when” sharing interesting content, not that it is a priority. Everyone knows how, in fact, but good advertising is a kind of illusion. Keep this in mind when creating a promotional campaign.

Therefore, the most important thing is to care for the group of observers, enable them to enter into dialogue with each other and create a friendly atmosphere. Instagram has a lot more potential than Facebook because it is much less official.