Etui na telefon – jak czyścić?


How do I clean a leather phone case ?

A case made of natural or ecological leather looks exceptionally elegant, but unfortunately it gets dirty easily if its owner does not care for regular cleaning of the cover. At the very beginning, it should be noted what the leather or leather-like material should be cleaned with. For cleaning you will need a mild soap (preferably ecological, without additional fragrances), a bowl of lukewarm water and a dry cotton cloth (dust-free cloths are best). If necessary, when the dirt is significant, you can use a professional preparation for cleaning leather and leather-like materials. However, be careful because these types of preparations often have an unpleasant smell and you have to wait until it disappears.

It is worth noting here that when cleaning artificial leather, do not use substances that contain alcohol, kerosene or wax, because they will make the leather stiff and crack. To remove dirt, first take the phone out of its case. Then soak a cotton cloth in water, wring it out, and then rub the soap into it. Then you can start cleaning the cover with circular movements. You shouldn’t scrub your phone case too hard as this may damage the surface of the phone .

The inside of the cover is usually made of silicone. It should not be forgotten. They can be cleaned in the same way as leather, i.e. with soap and water. After cleaning, wipe the cover once more with a wet cloth and let it dry (the cover should not be left on the radiator).

If you want the phone case to look good at all times, remember not to leave it in very sunny or humid places or expose the material to high temperatures, as it will fall apart. Leather cover should also be protected against fatty substances, cosmetics. These types of stains are very difficult to remove.

How do I clean the rubber phone case?

A rubber phone case protects it from mechanical damage, but it is also susceptible to dirt, especially if you use a transparent, white or light pastel color case. How to clean them?

To start with, the different models of the rubber case are not always of the same quality. Rubber is a term encompassing a wide range of products that have different resistance to temperature or other external factors, so before we start cleaning the case, it is worth considering what type of rubber we are dealing with. In the case of smartphones, a case made of silicone works best. The material is flexible, resistant to damage and high temperature. It doesn’t start to dissolve in hot weather or smell like some cheap substitutes. The properties of silicone also mean that during cleaning we can afford to use slightly stronger substances without fear that the case will be damaged.

It is best to use isopropyl alcohol to clean silicone covers. It should remove even the most stubborn dirt, such as pen marks. Other phone accessories needed for cleaning are: a bowl with lukewarm water, a sponge (preferably soft), ecological soap, paper towels and a cloth (it should not be coarse).

Dirt such as dust and dirt can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, glasses cleaning cloth, etc. For more severe dirt, alcohol is the only solution. An alternative is also acetone-free nail polish remover, although in some cases it is insufficient. It is worth remembering that silicone must not be cleaned with substances containing ammonia or using solvents. Moisten the sponge with the selected substance and clean the cover thoroughly. Then it should be washed again with soap and water to remove any residual substance.

Unfortunately, silicone is a material that needs to be cared for regularly. If the cover is not cleaned for a long time, stains caused by dirt may not be able to be removed. One of the problems is the yellowing of the light silicone covers. This is due to pollution and grease, and exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, there is no way to clean the yellowing cover. It is a natural process. After some time, simply replace the cover with a new one.