Implanty zębów – Czy mogą nam zastąpić prawdziwe zęby?
Tooth implants – can they replace real teeth? Dental implants in these times are nothing new, an increasing number of dentists suggest us to install implants, e.g. after tooth extraction, or instead of very complicated, expensive treatment that does not have to bring the desired results. From year to year, implant technology is more and more innovative, and gains more and more supporters. 

The first implants were made entirely of titanium. They did not look aesthetically pleasing, but they fulfilled their role very well. Today, they not only perform their intended functions, but also do not differ from our natural teeth, although I can say that they can even be much nicer. Having healthy and white teeth, we feel much more confident! It is worth taking care of your health and well-being!

What is a tooth implant Warsaw?

However, not everyone is familiar with this term, so please let me explain what implants are. Simply put, it is a replacement tooth, it can replace missing teeth. Implant placement is most recommended immediately after tooth extraction, but it is not necessary. Remember, the sooner it is done, the better for us because the teeth like to shift over time. The implant consists of three elements: the first one is a titanium screw, which serves as our root, it is placed in the gum, more precisely in the jaw bone. If there are gaps in our bone, the dentist must first fill them up. The next element is the connector.

It is especially important because it connects the root with the last, third element, i.e. the crown. Tooth crown, i.e. the last, visible part of our implant.It is the shape and appearance that reminds us of our tooth. Of course, there are different types of crowns and the price depends on the material from which it is made. We must remember that an implant is something we decide on for many years, so it’s worth choosing so that we are satisfied!

Prosthetic crowns

Prosthetic crowns are classified in various ways, eg construction, materials from which they are made. Crowns are divided into:
1. Metal crowns – They are durable and cheap, but they can cause allergies! Especially when we do not control the composition of all prosthetic restorations. Before deciding on these specific crowns, it is worth consulting with your dentist

      1. Ceramic crowns – They are entirely made of porcelain, they look exactly like our teeth, they do not sensitize us, but their price is very high and they are not durable, they can break. We should also remember that they are very hard and can damage our natural teeth!
      2. Metal crowns covered with porcelain – They look very natural and are definitely more durable than porcelain crowns, unfortunately, just like metal crowns, they can cause allergies.
      3. Composite crowns – these are temporary crowns because they are not permanent, for some they are a better alternative than porcelain crowns. It does not cause allergies and the price is not high.

There are also other, less known prosthetic crowns, but if we visit a dentist, we will know the scope of his offer, the ones mentioned above are the most common ones. We should also remember that consultation with a doctor is the most important in this case.

If we are already committed to this procedure, it is worth taking a few photos of your jaw, as well as photos of the part in which our implant is to be placed. The insertion procedure itself is painless and the dentist performs it under anesthesia or, in rare cases, under anesthesia. The procedure may be different, it depends on whether the dentist is just extracting a tooth or we come with the hole already healed. As already mentioned, it is much better to insert a Warsaw tooth implant in place of a torn root. Of course, before inserting, the doctor must check if we have any bone defects, if so, he must complete it.

Powder bone is perfect for this. However, if we come with an already healed wound, the dentist has to cut the gum. This is a surgical procedure.Only after that can he put the titanium screw in our gum. When everything is properly put on, the dentist installs the abutment, and at the end puts on the crown, which then has to be ground and adjusted perfectly to the rest of our teeth. The procedure itself may take different times, because it consists of many factors. It usually takes from 30 minutes to even two hours!
Implants are the best prosthetic methods available on the market.

First of all, once founded, they will serve us for many years. Only a dentist can remove them. They are by far the most comfortable and the most similar to our teeth. Due to the fact that they are made of plastics, they are not able to develop cavities, so the adjacent teeth have a reduced risk of it. We should also remember that we are exempt from the obligation of root canal treatment of our implants, drilling or many other treatments, which is very convenient! This type of prosthesis is by far the best we have now available. Its only downside is the price, but it keeps dropping down.