Underwear: Viktoria Sekret fashion shows are one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world calendar. Since their first show in 1995, their popularity has grown to such an extent that they are broadcast by television and gather crowds. It is associated primarily with the fact that models wear beautiful angel wings, they are enjoyed by those who have been called the Angel Victoria Secret. Beautiful models strolling down the catwalk in sexy lingerie are the envy of many women, while men can enjoy the charms of beautiful models. The company has been developing quite rapidly from its beginnings, but it was only the second owner that made it a brand recognized all over the world and its underwear an object of desire of many women and men who want to see their partners in this underwear.It all began with a small lingerie store.

Contemporary women are very demanding when it comes to underwear. Depending on the type of underwear, it should be well sewn from high-quality materials to emphasize and enhance the feminine shapes. Almost every lingerie store offers a wide range of choices depending on your expectations and taste.

Sports underwear

Sports underwear designed for active women is designed to keep everything in its place, provide good support for the bust, not restrict movements, so that a woman can enjoy the sport.


The offer of the lingerie store also includes corrective , shaping and slimming underwear which, thanks to the use of appropriate materials and cutting, can model the figure and hide the flaws of the figure, such as a protruding belly. Thanks to such underwear, every woman will look beautiful in a tight dress because all the folds will disappear and the figure will gain streamlined shapes.

Women’s evening underwear

Another type of lingerie that women simply love is evening lingerie made of beautiful lace of translucent materials. Although it is not always as comfortable as everyday underwear, women love to wear it. She is beautiful, sensual and seductive, the man, aware that the woman is wearing her, dreams of seeing her in all its glory. It is an indispensable element of a romantic dinner for two because a woman must be prepared for what may happen next … Lingerie stores also offer very sexy and sensual nightgowns and erotic lingerie, which adds spice and will surely kill the routine in the marital bed. Playful and see-through erotic lingerie stimulates the imagination and inspires to play out erotic fantasies. Not every woman will be able to buy such underwear in a regular lingerie store, because feeling ashamed will not allow her to do so.

In this case, a good solution is an online lingerie store where everyone will be able to make purchases anonymously and the employees will take care of complete discretion by packing the parcel in such a way that no one can guess what its content may be. That is why you can go crazy with the choice of lingerie and costumes and make your most hidden erotic fantasies come true. Online lingerie store has a very rich assortment and it is undoubtedly a very convenient form of shopping, however, nothing can replace traditional shopping, because they give us the opportunity to try clothes and touch the material, which is extremely important when making the final choice.

The undoubted advantage of a stationary lingerie store is that it more and more often offers professional brafting advice. Many women in Poland still have badly selected bras. They suggest the size of the cup, ignoring the circumference at all, which is also important, because in combination with the cup it provides good support for the breast. The biggest problem with this is women with large breasts, which if poorly supported causes a reduction in the quality of life through, for example, back pain or incorrect body posture. Especially such women should be interested in making purchases in a lingerie store where they will also gain professional advice.

Without making any generalizations, every woman should use the advice of brafting because once a well-chosen bra size is not given for life, a woman’s body changes, it is good to be aware of it. It happens that a partner who wants to give his woman a gift and pleasure buys her underwear. This strategy was adopted at the beginning by the owner of Victoria, his secretthe lingerie store was arranged in such a way that every man felt good in buying underwear for his partner. His idea, although initially profitable, in the end led the company to almost bankruptcy. Every woman will certainly be pleased with such a gift if it is matched to her figure, if it does not simply land on the bottom of the wardrobe.

A good solution is to visit a lingerie store together and choose one that will be liked by a man and a woman. Underwear is a very important part of our wardrobe, although it is often not visible. Fashion trends are increasingly forcing the display of underwear so that it becomes visible from under the clothes, which is why manufacturers meet these needs and in the windows of lingerie stores, we can see very intricately decorated and beautifully finished underwear.