Jakie korzyści daje OCP przewoźnika?
What are the benefits of carrier OCP? Carrier’s OCP insurance is extremely important in the industry related to transport and transport. This type of insurance is not obligatory, but it is always better to have it, because you never know what adventures will be on the route. We sign a contract with the selected insurance company for a year. More and more people and private companies cooperating with transport companies consider the carrier’s OCP to be the main requirement of cooperation. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises when transporting delicate, valuable goods.

The insurance protects them against damage in various ways. In this way, the investor is not a loss and is reimbursed for losses incurred. If we run a transport company and we do not want to take out the appropriate OCP insurance – we can pay for it with the interest in our services. There is also a growing risk that after an unexpected accident, while delivering products by a delivery vehicle to the indicated addresses, we will be forced to file for high compensation for people directly threatened by the accident, e.g. drivers.<

How it’s working?

Thus, the policy becomes a form of security in the event of unexpected and unplanned situations. insuranceThe carrier’s ocp can be used in many situations, e.g. when the transport contract will not be performed in the proper and expected way by the entity cooperating with the company. There may be incidents such as theft, delay in delivery, or destruction of goods by not fully effective technical security systems used in fast delivery vehicles. Thanks to the  OCP insurance, companies that feel injured in cooperation with transport companies can count on financial compensation. This article should be read first of all by all people who set up their own business in the form of an online store. It is known that stores running a wide range of activities in the form of products of all industries most often use the offers of transport companies, delivering ordered shipments to the indicated addresses of buyers of given products via the Internet.

Pros of the carrier OCP !

You can go out of every situation, even caused by the supplier. There are insurance companies, as a result of which legal protection is possible, even when the whole unpleasant incident is to be blamed by the driver who has not previously used the accident insurance. Each driver using the carrier’s RCP pays insurance premiums, spread over 12 months a year. The monthly insurance rate is adjusted to the net amount earned throughout the year. The more you earn during the year, the higher the premium will soar. This is why some carriers often complain that the current insurance amounts are significantly overpriced, but the truth is that health and safety cannot be bought with any money. Considering the current state of Polish roads, it’s better not to risk and save too much on insurance. It can unexpectedly save our lives!

Insurance combinations

In order to incur lower costs of carrier’s civil liability insurance, the driver transporting the products of a given producer or seller may agree with him, so that the policy is an insurance with own contribution. What does it mean? Only that in the event of any accident that occurs on our way through no fault of ours as drivers, the entrepreneur undertakes to cover part of the damage. Thanks to this, we do not lose as much money as in a situation when we only have to spend money for everything from our own pocket. Insurance companies do not give all the insurance products that manufacturers and suppliers come to mind. In insurance, the so-called “High risk products”. What materials will we include among them? They will definitely be: medicines, documents, money, works of art, living creatures, high-quality electronic equipment of a new generation, alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. If the cases of the goods to be insured are very unusual and need to be insured, high and individual rates are set.

You will not always get compensation!

Unfortunately, there are situations where compensation from the carrier’s OCP can pass by the nose. If, in the analysis, after a possible accident, it turns out that the car we were driving was broken, our compensation is forfeited. The same situation may occur when we give the transported goods into the wrong hands, we incorrectly load them into the delivery vehicle. Driving a car while drunk is unacceptable. When carrying out transport, you must not park in unauthorized places. We can divide insurance against liability for transport and transport into two types – domestic and foreign. On special request, Polish insurance companies adjust their offers to the policies used by drivers transporting goods outside our country.