Co kupimy w sklepie RTV?
What will we buy in an RTV store? Until a few decades ago, the concept of RTV was limited only to the TV  and the radio, but due to huge acceleration technological development in the last few decades, at present, this term can be successfully attached to any equipment that can be included in the description of “home electronic equipment”. The current modern and beautiful appliances are no longer the ancient ones that could be repaired with a screwdriver and pliers. Intensively used – they wear out faster. In order to fill the gaps or improve the standard of the equipment, visit the RTV store.

What will we buy in an RTV store?

More and more current technological innovations make us follow current electronic trends. The huge cross-section of the assortment means that everyone in the RTV store will find something suitable for themselves.


It is difficult to do without it, it is the basic equipment in most homes, ensuring entertainment and providing the latest information from the country and the world. Standing in front of a wall full of TV sets latest generation, it is not easy to make a decision. In each RTV store, we will receive help in choosing the most suitable model for us. There are no unknown topics for consultants and advisors, their vast knowledge will make us learn the secrets of all models. They will help in choosing the optimal size and dispel doubts related to the selection of the matrix.

Home cinema

Home theater is a surround sound equipment designed for audio and video receivers. The first models consisted only of a player and a number of speakers, but today we can equip the home theater with a projector, screen or a suitable TV set to create a compatible whole. Each valued RTV store has such equipment in its offer.


Headphones have many names. This versatile gadget now takes many forms and sizes. The parameters and appearance definitely differ depending on the intended use. We can therefore purchase small headphones for a smartphone, gaming headphones for players, or headphones designed to play music in the best quality. Wireless headphones are a great convenience, thanks to which the element of the cable that hinders movement is omitted.

Set-top boxes and tuners for terrestrial and satellite TV

The TV itself is not enough to spend a pleasant Sunday watching movies. To be able to watch anything, you need set-top boxes and tuners for terrestrial and satellite TV. Modern models that can be purchased at an RTV store are equipped with additional options such as a recorder, resetting the program to the beginning, or pause. The perfect solution is a universal decoder adapted to play hundreds of free digital TV channels without a subscription.


Many of us remember from childhood, when on the day off to school, our parents took out the projector, pointing it at the wall and using tiny slides, broadcasting fairy tales. Those times are gone, although we still remember them fondly. Now we can buy a professional projector manufactured in the latest technology with a huge screen for relatively little money. They are also widely used by companies and institutions that use projectors to conduct training, and also use them at fairs and conferences.

Car navigation

Despite the navigation built into smartphones, there is a large group of people who prefer to use traditional GPS navigation placed on the windshield or cockpit. This extremely helpful tool will ensure that we always find the right way to the goal, free from traffic jams and other obstacles. For passenger cars, navigation with a 5-inch screen is enough, but if you prefer larger equipment, larger 6-inch and 7-inch screens are also available.

Game consoles

Game consoles took the entertainment equipment market by storm some time ago. Currently, we are dealing with consecutive editions of consoles from different companies, each of which is intended for use by people with different requirements. An advisor in the RTV store will surely advise you which console has the best graphics or the most extensive library of games. It is also a great gift idea for your offspring, or let’s not be afraid to say it to your man.

Computers and tablets

Computer, laptop, notebook, tablet – all types of computer equipment are extremely popular. If we use a computer at home with a strong emphasis on good graphics quality when playing games, choose a desktop computer. If, on the other hand, we often travel on business and need equipment for mobile purposes, it is better to choose a laptop, notebook or tablet. Connecting to the Internet will allow you to contact the world and allow you to browse websites, use e-mail or messenger.


Each reputable RTV store offers a wide range of mobile phones and smartphones. The huge variety of models that differ in screen size and parameters can make you dizzy. Fortunately, most RTV stores have show models. Thanks to this, we can personally see which one will be the most suitable for us.