Pracownicy ze Wschodu a polska gospodarka
Workers from the east and the polish economy. After all, our country is developing more and more every year, but in recent years a rather pressing problem has emerged that definitely needs to be addressed. First of all, there is a shortage of hands to work and with time it will unfortunately become worse and worse. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs are increasingly looking outside our borders to slowly bring in lawyers from the East. However, is this actually such a good option?

Where to get such employees?

If you do not have independent experience with looking for employees abroad , we strongly recommend that you contact a professional employment agency that will help you with all this and advise you on the easiest way to find employees. This is extremely important, because then you limit the possibility of finding dishonest people who only care about Polish citizenship. In addition, the employment agency will be able to verify such employees in terms of the required skills, which is another important issue.

Is it really safe?

Definitely yes, and it will allow you to protect your company in the event of any personnel crisis. First of all, you will gain permanent employees who, after all, are the foundation of every organization. It does not matter whether we are talking about a small company or an extensive enterprise. However, it is worth providing them with proper development conditions, e.g. paying for a Polish language course, so that communication would be even easier and they would feel better in the Polish team.

We are planning employment – where to start?

As mentioned above, first of all, finding a good employment agency that will support you in these activities. Another issue, and it is crucial, is to define your requirements and consider whether you are able to provide these employees with appropriate working conditions. Sometimes it may happen that, depending on the circumstances, it will be necessary, for example, to arrange decent accommodation for them at the very beginning of their work, however, all this is to be determined and depends mainly on you.

Adaptation of employees from other countries

It should be remembered that employing workers from the East is not the easiest at the very beginning, but sometimes it results mainly from language barriers or the implementation of such an employee.

However, if you, as an entrepreneur, properly prepare for it, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed in cooperation with employees from the East. The beginning is always difficult, but after a few weeks, when the employees know exactly what to do, you will notice that it was one of the most profitable decisions.

How to find a good employment agency?

If you want to recruit the best employees to your company without major problems, it is definitely worth looking for a suitable employment agency . One who will know your needs exactly, analyze everything and then be able to present you with specific proposals. So do not wait, but get acquainted with the solutions that you have available on the market as soon as possible, because you will surely find one that will perfectly suit your needs.

Currently, of course, the largest database of employment agencies can be found on the Internet, which we strongly encourage you to do. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will not run out of entities in your area. In addition, you should also find opinions about the agencies without major problems, so everything is on a plate.

Verification of the selected agency is crucial, as long as you do not want to have any problems later, not only with employees, but also with reservations as to their legal work in Poland. Unfortunately, not all entities attach the appropriate importance to this, and therefore they are often subject to high financial penalties from state institutions that control a given plant.

We believe that by following our tips you will be able to bring in the right employees relatively quickly and thus improve the company’s operations even further. It should be remembered that if you recruit permanent employees, the turnover will certainly decrease, and this will certainly also translate into the smooth operation of the organization and thus higher profits in the following months and later years.

So you should look at it in relation to a long-term investment, however you will reap the fruit sooner or later. In no case, however, try to save excessively on employees, because such tricks on many entrepreneurs had a negative impact and did not bring them any good. Therefore, be smarter, provide employees from the East with optimal working conditions, and look for savings in places where it will not directly affect people who are one of the main pillars of the business.