Kiedy przyda nam się pomoc autolawety?
When will we need the help of a tow truck? There are many reasons why we may need help transporting our car. A flat tire, technical problems, lack of fuel or even a simple bump. Also, transporting an unregistered vehicle – that is, one that is not approved for road traffic – over longer distances is a difficult task if we do not use the right equipment. Contrary to the traditional tow truck, i.e. a trailer mounted to the rear of an ordinary car, the tow truck is a specialized vehicle.

It is adapted to the transport of various types of cars and other vehicles. The market offers both models that can transport only one car at a time, and larger machines that can accommodate even several cars. For this reason, buying a tow truck is not necessarily the best idea.A much more convenient solution is leasing this vehicle when we need it.

What model of tow truck will be most useful to us?

When we look for an attractive tow truck, its appearance is of secondary importance. As a specialist vehicle, the most important thing is whether it carries out its duties effectively. Above all, it should be characterized by high load capacity and low failure rate. Of course, it would be good if we got all of this at an attractive price. The stability of the loading platform is also of great importance. Among other things, it depends on what weight we can safely transport with the use of a given tow truck. If you are looking for a vehicle for long journeys, it is worth investing in a model with a sleeping cabin and auxiliary heating.

However, payload should remain a priority. Currently, we can count on a maximum load capacity of 1,385 kg for cars up to 3.5 tons. If we need to transport a larger load, additional trailers will be needed. As for the platform on our tow truck, it should be made of aluminum panels. Its length is usually around 5 m and it depends on the chassis of the vehicle. A necessary element are also the rear suspension cushions, the compressor of which should be placed in the driver’s cabin. An interesting solution are hydraulic platforms, which were usually used with tow trucks with a GVM over 3.5 tons.which were usually used with tow trucks with a GVM over 3.5 tons.which were usually used with tow trucks with a GVM over 3.5 tons.

What should you remember before mounting the vehicle on a tow truck?

Regardless of whether we use a tow truck. We are bound by certain legal restrictions. If we have a category B driving license, we can drive vehicles whose total weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. In the case of larger loads, we will have to be holders of a category C driving license. For this reason, it is necessary to check the weight of our tow truck and the car that we intend to load on it. In addition, the weight of the people who will be traveling inside the cockpit of the tow truck is significant. Vehicles with a GVM (permissible total weight) of up to 3.5 tons are much more often checked when crossing the border. Exceeding the permissible weight may result in the issuance of fines or the retention of the registration document. Depending on the country in which we pass the control, we may receive a very high fine, reaching even several thousand zlotys.Especially if we intend to use a tow truck to bring a car from abroad, we must take care of all formal issues.

How to properly fasten a car on a tow truck?

First of all, pay attention to the even distribution of the weight on the tow truck. To ensure a stable position, the towed vehicle must be accessed slowly. Thanks to this, we will avoid tilting or even completely sliding off the tow truck. The car will also not collide with part of the cockpit. It’s best that we drive ahead. Only in this way will the heaviest vehicle axle be in the center of the load space. All four wheels must be attached with special straps. Don’t forget to close the buckles and fasten the edges of the belt. After all, we do not want them to flutter in the wind while driving. The loading process must be carried out in a safe manner. We turn on the hazard lights and the driver should wear a reflective vest. Before charging the vehicle,we activate the traffic light in our tow truck.

Is leasing a tow truck a good idea?

It all depends on what leasing offer we choose. Companies specializing in these services usually present their offers in a transparent and legible manner. When browsing them, pay attention to several particularly important parameters. The first is the total cost of the lease. It is worth checking whether the purchase of the vehicle is included in its sum. Some companies also do not include a processing fee when listing a total cost. Leasing companies often cooperate with insurers and offer attractive packages to reduce the cost of insuring the leased asset. In addition, the number of installments for individual leasing periods and the question of possible continuation of the insurance are important. It all depends on how long we need the tow truck