Photovoltaics: The world today is full of development and modern technologies. Being eyewitnesses and leaders of changes, we should stop from time to time and see what results from our actions. Of course, everyone tries to improve the quality of life as much as possible, but we often forget about all of this and only seemingly improve the conditions in which we live.

I mean, for example, factories being built and the natural increase, which is constantly increasing. Today we are taking the topic of photovoltaics on the workshop and we will consider how it affects our lives and how we can improve the quality of life thanks to it. At the very beginning, before we only deal with photovoltaics, let’s tell ourselves what renewable energy sources are. In 2016, 18.2% of humanity’s demand for energy came from renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources

Such sources include, but are not limited to, wind, precipitation, ocean tides, solar radiation, sea waves, and geothermal energy. Of course, there are also non-renewable energy sources, i.e. sources whose resources regenerate very slowly or not at all: crude oil, coal, natural gas and uranium obtained from minerals. Of course, each of them has their supporters and opponents. People who support renewable energies point to the problems associated with burning fossil fuels, which are the source of more than about eighty percent of humanity’s energy: pollution, global warming and resource depletion. Conversely, opponents point to the high cost, volatility of energy produced, additional environmental costs and questionable impacts on fossil fuel consumption.

Photovoltaics at home

My place of residence is an estate of single-family houses and recently solar panels have appeared on most of the houses. Continuing, photovoltaics are a great source of energy, which is used not only in single-family houses, but also in industry, and even popular traffic lights on roads more and more often have photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy during the day and at night, generate signaling lighting or lighting for pedestrian crossings .

Thanks to photovoltaics, we can count on enormous development and in my opinion, the more we use solar panels, the better we will use what we have for free, and in addition not poisoning the environment. While talking to a neighbor who decided to mount solar panels on his roof. According to him, this is just another step into the future and taking advantage of not only the chance to care for the environment, but also saving. In the current market, which is constantly developing, we can find very interesting offers, as well as funding.

Photovoltaics in the automotive industry

Did I mention automotive before? After all, it is logical that the panels on our roofs generate electricity for the home or heat water, in the automotive industry we can meet with even more interesting and definitely more advanced solutions. Purchasing this technology is not cheap, however, it should be viewed in the long term and treated as an investment. First of all, for ecology, it is said that solar cells appear where ecology is more than economics, while it is worth adding that photovoltaics is simply practical, because wherever solar radiation appears, we can produce electricity. We can ask how such photovoltaic cells, commonly known as solar panels, are made. In the production of solar panels, a so-called silicon wafer is used,and its important feature must be crystallinity. One cell is capable of producing a current of one to almost seven Watts. In order to maximize the effects, modules consisting of several such panels can be built, and it is common to find small modules as small as twenty square centimeters in size up to large ones that are one square meter in size.

Photovoltaics has the most to say in the space industry and all kinds of technologies whose main goal is to conquer space. It is worth remembering that photovoltaics is a really valuable achievement, so let’s use it wisely and invest your money in what is proven and what has positive opinions, because it is not difficult to spend money investing in panels from an unknown manufacturer or trying to set up such an installation yourself.Photovoltaics is a real opportunity, and even a ticket to a healthy environment and thus a clean and clear future for our children. Photovoltaics, as a science dealing with the production of electricity from solar radiation that comes from the Sun, is currently developing very dynamically and it should be assumed that in the near future it will be more and more widely used. On my part, I hope that you are just as interested in photovoltaics as I was and I encourage you to look for more information on this topic. Thank you for the time and attention devoted to this article and I invite you to my other publications on this topic, let photovoltaics be with you.