Wybór kosmetyków dla dziecka
A selection of cosmetics for a child. For all parents, the first child is a huge challenge. There are many unknowns, slight stress and great emotions. Such a baby introduces not only a new order in the house, but also in the behavior of two people who devote themselves entirely to raising their children. Often, people who are destined to become parents read about how to look after a child, what to provide, how to deal with ailments, etc.

They also furnish a room for a baby, search for a suitable pram, cot, mattress and choose toys. Then there is a period of buying cute little clothes and there is a lot of excitement, especially if the baby was long awaited. Then it is also worth thinking about cosmetics for the baby. He had spent nine months in the amniotic fluid. His skin, after exposure to the prevailing conditions, may react with allergies or irritations. That is why you need to remember about diaper rash creams as well as olives and moisturizing oils.

Grooming is important

The skin of young children is very delicate. Therefore, any rough fabrics cause abrasions to the skin, irritation pampers, and the bath dries the skin – especially if you live in a city, where it is usually of very poor quality. In addition, factors such as sun, wind or cold expose the baby’s skin to additional drying. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid. Any overheating of the child, application of large amounts of sunblock or panic reactions to a family member sneezing in front of the child is the wrong way. A small organism has to develop immunity and get used to living in the prevailing conditions. However, it is worth making it much easier for him and protecting his skin as long as we can. What cosmetics does a baby need?

When it comes to baby skin care, it is worth reading the ingredients of the products we buy. This is very important because the skin is the largest organ that absorbs everything into the bloodstream and carries all substances throughout the body. Therefore, it is worth focusing on ecological cosmetics, which contain natural oils, plant extracts and only natural substances that regenerate the skin, lubricate and moisturize and protect against external factors. A children’s toiletry bag should contain such products as: a delicate body and hair wash, olive oil, moisturizing cream, sun and frost protection cream, chafing cream and an ointment to unblock a blocked nose. All these products should be organic. However, please notethat cosmetics for children of popular brands bought in supermarkets are not organic. They contain harmful substances that we introduce into the baby’s bloodstream. Remember that the composition should only contain natural substances and the shorter the composition, the better.

Using natural oils and herbs

If you can’t read the ingredients, you can create cosmetics for your baby that will be 100% natural and safe. You can use herbs such as soapwort, washing nuts or horse chestnut when bathing your baby. All of them have saponins, i.e. natural foaming substances that wash away dirt, sweat and all cosmetic residues from the body. They will not foam as well as commercial cosmetics, but newborns have nowhere to get dirty or sweat, so we do not have to worry that the skin will be unwashed. We can also use herbs such as chamomile or lavender for washing and caring for the baby’s skin. You can bathe your baby in them and add them to lubricating oils.

Instead of creams from drugstores, you can use natural oils. Perfect for the baby’s skin, for example, sweet almond oil. It is inexpensive and easily accessible. In addition, you can also use shea butter, jojoba oil and all kinds of delicate oils that will lubricate the skin well and leave it soft and silky. If you have several oils, you can create a balm for your baby. It is enough to dissolve the oils with the butters in a water bath and mix thoroughly until an emulsion is formed.

We can add, for example, chamomile extract to such a cream. When choosing oil for your baby’s skin, remember that it should be cold-pressed and unrefined. If you know how to find this type of oil, then you can go, for example, to a greenhouse or a store with organic products. People working there will advise you not only on the selection of oil, but also the entire care of the baby. Remember that oils and olives are always put on the skin right after washing your baby. As a result, the oil retains water in the skin. Don’t worry, it’s nothing terrible or even desirable. Thanks to this, the baby’s skin will not only be greased, but also well moisturized and nourished. This will avoid irritation and abrasions, as it will be much more flexible and resistant to delicate damage. When we go for a walk with our baby or do not have a bath on that day, we also lubricate the skin. Particularly important are those parts that will be exposed to intense sunlight or cold wind or frost.