Studio tatuażu

Tattoo studio. Today, tattoo studios are increasingly popular. They are performed by people of all ages, they are starting to become more and more acceptable in workplaces, even by the elderly they are seen as art. Getting your first tattoo is undoubtedly an important moment, before which it is worth acquiring a range of information. Tattooing is not worth doing on the spur of the moment, ill-considered, as it can end tragically for us.

Choosing a tattoo studio

The choice of the right tattoo studio in Warsaw is very important and can really affect everything. If we already decide on a particular studio, it is worth considering whether it is a professional place, check out the artist’s work, see if we like his style. However, if we choose a really good tattoo studio right away, the above-mentioned things will be just a formality.

Which pattern to choose?

The design we decide on will be on our skin for life. If we want to avoid unnecessary stress, pain and extra money to remove the done design (such as laser tattoo removal) or to “bleach” the skin, let’s make the decision once and right. What we should especially pay attention to is professionalism, hygiene, appointments, price and design.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

The main thing to focus on when choosing a tattoo studio is, of course, the price. In professional places, prices are not small. For example, the price list for an all-day session starts at one thousand zlotys, and the price list for a single design, at one hundred and fifty zlotys. If someone offers us to make a hole for a lower amount, it should give us food for thought. The price of a tattoo does not consist only of the talent and time devoted by the tattooist, but also of the materials used to make the pattern, ink, or even such things as electricity or the rental fee for the tattoo studio space (only a given percentage, of course). We should not save money on tattooing. It’s not the kind of thing that, for getting one done, we should look for the cheapest possible place. Another thing to pay attention to is the professionalism of a given tattoo studio. The better it is, the better it has, at least the more modern equipment.

Tattoo studio

Nowadays, more and more often a tattoo studio is not only a place where we can get a tattoo, but also permanent makeup, pedicure, manicure or hair extensions. Since tattooing is a kind of art, it is worth considering whether the people employed there are really so versatile. If, for example, we have a painter, it is rare that he is also a singer, a player and a car mechanic. Such tattoo studios are worth screening really carefully and checking whether the people working there actually know what a professional tattoo is. Unfortunately, people often come out of such places with badly tattooed designs, crooked and ugly inscriptions, or portraits that in no way, shape or form resemble the authentic ones.

Proper hygiene

Another issue to consider when choosing a good tattoo studio is hygiene. It is extremely important and can affect our health. If the place where we want to get a tattoo is full of dust, there is blood, hair or other stains on the chair, we should back out right away. A professional tattoo studio from Warsaw sticks strictly to hygiene rules. A tattoo artist who knows his job, before tattooing the next client, sterilizes the equipment, puts on clean gloves at the client, opens new needles. Of course, for everything to be in order, the client must also maintain proper hygiene. About what he should avoid and how to take care of his new work, he should ask the tattooist. If he is a professional person, he will have no problem answering. If we are in the tattoo studio chair for the first time, he himself should also come out and explain the necessary things to us.

What should be avoided with a fresh tattoo?

First of all, swimming in places where the water is not clean (river, lake). We should also avoid going to the pool. We should also have a film on the tattoo for the first few days and lubricate it with a special ointment. Since the tattoo must fit us, the style in which we decide to do it is very important. For this purpose, it is worth reviewing the work of various artists, look at the portfolio. Remember that a tattoo artist is an artist and his style is unique. A particular person specializes in specific styles. One more important thing is the design. It is we, and only we, who decide what will adorn our body. It is worth it if it is unique and not duplicated from the Internet. In good and professional tattoo studios, the employee will have no problem creating the design we dreamed of (or, if he does not specialize in a particular style, he will send us to the place where our design will be made). Let’s not be persuaded to choose a design for ourselves from those available at the salon. If we are getting a tattoo for the first time, it is advisable to opt for something smaller to see how we and our skin will react to the process. Of course, you must be at least eighteen years old to get a tattoo. Younger people must have parental consent. Nonetheless, it’s worth waiting until you’re of age so that the decision to get a tattoo is well thought out.